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Vania Franceschelli

Open finance and the role of financial advice

Financial advisors, by virtue of their function as connectors between financial markets and retail customers, are called upon to be ahead of the times and be ready to provide clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to allow them to make the most of the new opportunities offered by digitalisation. We are living in a historical moment in which technology is experiencing an unprecedented development: the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence applications seem to have no limits and, despite passing under the radar compared to the best-known applications of generative AI (one above all: ChatGPT), the digitalization of many of the services related to financial and banking activities (Open Finance) can greatly make more efficient the processes that underlie savers' investment decisions and make the advisory service even more effective in responding to customer needs with tailor-made solutions.

What role can (or rather, must) the financial advisor play within the digital revolution that is transforming the financial markets? How can he/she best carry out his/her task, taking advantage of the new possibilities offered by technology to provide a higher quality service and allowing their clients to orient themselves in the vast sea of new digital financial services present in the financial ecosystem?
To better understand what it is, the European initiative on Open Finance – to be framed in the context of the broader European digital finance project promoted by the EU institutions – concerns the development of finance based on the access of innovative service providers to customer data...



The European Federation of Financial Advisers and Financial Intermediaries (FECIF) was chartered in June 1999 for the defence and promotion of the role of financial advisers and intermediaries in Europe.

FECIF, the only body representing European financial advisers and intermediaries, it is based in Brussels, the heart of Europe.



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