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Yves Nidegger

Welcome to the age of sanctions

It does not seem impossible to me at all that, after the Stone Age and the Iron Age, the archaeologists of the future will one day designate the era we are entering today as the Age of Sanctions.


Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, our politicians have only one word on their lips: "sanctions". Punishing has become a passion. Of course, invading one's neighbour, bombing cities with missiles, and destroying the infrastructure necessary for the daily life of a population is something to be condemned in addition to being terribly shocking for us Europeans, who wrongly thought that war had become the fate of some far away tribes, who do not have the high level of intelligence that characterizes us and that allows us to resolve all conflicts by civil means.

Whereas throughout history, humanity and all its constituent human groups have lived in constant awareness of the risk of their extinction by the sudden onset of the epidemic, famine, war, or all three, our generation had settled into the unique fear that the excessive success of our species would endanger other species, that the excessive success of our human group would injure other, less fortunate groups. The fear of human overpopulation had given way to the fear of extinction, and the anxiety about the environment's vulnerability had replaced the archaic fear of man being exposed to the overpowering forces of nature.And now, in three years, one after the other, a new virus, the collapse of supply chains, and the return of war have all come together to sign the return of...



The European Federation of Financial Advisers and Financial Intermediaries (FECIF) was chartered in June 1999 for the defence and promotion of the role of financial advisers and intermediaries in Europe.

FECIF, the only body representing European financial advisers and intermediaries, it is based in Brussels, the heart of Europe.



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